Who do we extend our services to?

Where there is a vehicle or fleet, there is TraxSmart. Our service areas include the following:

Personal Vehicles

If your car is mostly chauffeur driven, TraxSmart’s GPS tracker for car in India is a must have for you. It allows you to track your car online for over-speeding, misuse by the driver and theft. Also, get notifications when your loved ones reach their destination. What if someone tries to break-in your car? It’s simple, just enable the safe mode and you are sorted.


Commercial Fleet

When you have our commercial fleet management software, you can have all the following details at your fingertips –

  • Minute-wise location details
  • Remote fuel monitoring
  • Remote engine cut off
  • Real-time notification
  • Geo fencing
  • Geo Tagging


School Vehicles

Worried about your child’s safety to school? Get complete control of your kid’s transportation vehicle with our school bus GPS tracking system India. Here’s what you get with it –

  • Panic button facility
  • Geo tagging of safe zones
  • Facility to make outgoing calls to two pre-saved numbers
  • Unlimited incoming call
  • One-way calling facility
  • Realtime and on-demand tracking

Once you have our school bus GPS tracking system India, you can take a sigh of relief.

If you’re interested to know more about TraxSmart’s GPS tracking System, we’re just a few clicks away. Contact us to get a free quote today!

Facts and Figures

According to a study conducted by Frost and Sullivan, a leading business consulting company, it has been found that integrating Vehicle tracking system in India can do wonders for your business.

Here’s what the statistics say!

Incorporating the best GPS tracking for trucks in India and fleet management software to your business can -

  • Increase the productivity of fleets by 10% to 15%
  • Raise vehicle utilization by 15% to 20%
  • Minimize the consumption of fuel by 20% to 25%
  • Reduce idle time by 25% to 30%
  • Reduce total running by 5% to 10%
  • Curtail overtime period by 10 to 15%s
  • Manpower saving by 30 minutes/day/driver

However, make sure to choose one of the best AIS 140 certified devices dealers in India for best-in-class services.

Feature and Benefits

The perks of the best GPS vehicle tracking system in India is not limited to cost saving and enhancing fleet performance. There is more to it when it comes to TraxSmart. Let’s take a quick look features you avail when you have the best Vehicle tracking system in India. Read on!

Realtime Tracking

This feature enables you to locate assets, cars and trucks easily. No matter if you are looking forward to tracking an entire convoy of vehicles or multiple or single assets, our location-based services will update you in no time. TraxSmart is one of the noted AIS 140 certified devices dealers. So, you can trust us.


Geo Zones

Route deviations can be expensive. Our GPS tracking software allows you to form virtual geo-zones and get notifications about the movement, both entry and exit, of your consignments and vehicles.


Real-time Alerts

Get notified via SMS, email, or pop-up notifications about your consignment’s whereabouts. Navigation app from TraxSmart is one of the most reliable AIS 140 certified devices dealers in India, will provide you with real-time alerts.


History & Reports

Having a clear idea about your fleet can help you work on the loopholes (if any). So, if you can access the history of your fleet, you’ll be able to monitor and compare every trip, distance traveled, stopover, and fuel consumption and many more to fill the gaps (if any).


Save Money

Monitor your fuel usage and mileage. Get reports regarding your fuel consumption and cost.


Safe Mode

Our GPS tracker for car in India are all AIS (Automotive Industry Standard) 140 certified and feature a safe mode. So, the moment you turn in on and park the vehicle for a stopover at an unknown place, you activate peace of mind. Our GPS tracker will alert you about any attempts of breaking-in so that you can immobilize your car or trust from a remote location.

Track on the go! with vehicle tracking system in India

Traxsmart’s GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management application is also available across mobile platforms. Be it an iOS enabled phone or an Android variant, just download our app and get going. With our mobile app, you can leverage the benefits of real-time tracking, alerts, and notifications, reports and analytics, and remote power cut off features.

Real-time Tracking

Be it your individual vehicle or your fleet, track them right from your mobile phone.


Alerts and Notifications

Get over-speeding alerts, geo-fencing alerts, inactivity alerts and power supply failure alerts and a lot more right on your phone. Be mobile. Stay updated.


Reporting and Analytics

Get daily detailed summary of your trips, stops, vehicle usage, fuel consumption etc.


Remote Engine Cut-off

Instantly cut off the engine's ignition system directly from the Traxsmart mobile app

About Us

Are vehicles integral to your business? Get the best GPS vehicle tracking system in India by TraxSmart, and transform your business beyond imaginations.

We are an IoT-based firm that offers impeccable GPS tracking for trucks and fleet management services via our vehicle and fleet management software across India. Also, we are among the noted AIS 140 certified devices dealers in India. So, with us, peace of mind is guaranteed along with cost-effectiveness.