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What Do We Offer?

At TraxSmart, we strive to stand apart from the other GPS vehicle tracking system dealers in Bangalore by fine-tuning our products as superior to all else. Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and information services such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and Location Based Services (LBS) help us to deliver the most suitable solutions for each customer’s individual needs.
Numerous innovations in latest technologies make the scope of our services practically limitless.
Take a brief look at our products currently offered in Bangalore:

Bangalore is a city teeming with hundreds of personal and commercialised cars day and night. Our customised solution to the problems of ensuring safety and security for your personal vehicle is the best GPS tracker for cars in Bangalore .

We offer smart tracking facilities enabled for your car to help you monitor every movement of the vehicle via web and smartphone. Identify and prevent misuse of your chauffeur-driven car by getting notified when it deviates from particular destinations like your child’s school or your home. Enable Safe Mode on the GPS tracker for smart alerts against any attempts of car thefts.

As one of the top fleet management software companies in Bangalore, we present a totally customisable solution to keep an eye on your precious cargo, anytime, anywhere.

Our high-tech GPS tracking for trucks in Bangalore enables you to monitor your fleet through live tracking and minute details on their present location along with GEO fence and geo tagging. Get SMS and email notification alerts for more fuel and time efficient route planning, trip management and remote fuel monitoring right from your smartphone or web. Ensure critical safety for your fleet with vital features like shock alarm, panic button support and review it all later on the management information system reports at your convenience.

We understand your wish to keep your children safe and secured at every point of time. Our empathy reflects in the state-of-the-art school bus GPS tracking system in Bangalore, that facilitates on-demand real-time tracking of their school buses directly from your smartphone through SMS, mobile app or web.

Handle any unforeseen emergencies with GEO tagging of safety zones and known location coordinates, panic button facility, unlimited one-way incoming calls (listen-in feature) and outgoing calls to two pre-defined phone numbers. As one of the leading AIS 140 certified devices dealers in Bangalore, we know that a little peace of mind goes a long way with any worrying parent and we devote every effort to ensure that and more.

What makes TraxSmart your preferred GPS vehicle tracking system dealers in Bangalore?

Let us explain how we deliver the most efficient GPS vehicle tracking system in Bangalore . You can choose to utilise the following key features on your smartphone’s mobile app, web or both:

Realtime Tracking:

Get on-demand live GPS and LBS based updates for a particular asset or an entire fleet.


Geo Zones:

Avoid route-deviations and unnecessary traffic hassles by creating virtual zones


Alerts and Notifications:

Stay on top of the vehicles’ progress, speed, current locations etc. through SMS, push notifications and email.


Reports and Analytics:

Analyse all relevant data to formulate better, faster and safer plans for future..


Fuel and Mileage monitoring:

Check your vehicles’ fuel usage and mileage to get a good grip on the expenses accordingly.


Safe Mode:

Thwart any break-in attempts on your precious car and remotely prevent its start through enabling Safe Mode.

Get on board now!

Don’t wait any longer to partner with one of the top fleet management software companies in Bangalore and change the way you associate with your vehicles. Utilise the power of our passion combined with technical expertise and experiences as one of the top AIS 140 certified devices dealers in Bangalore and transform your assets’ outlook today!