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A game-changing platform

Studies say that GPS-enable tracking solutions can minimize the operational cost of your company by 25% while increasing the rate of vehicle utilization and productivity by 20%. And, this hike, as you can see, might be a game-changer for you. Therefore, get yourself the best Geo Positioning solutions from one of the most reputed GPS vehicle tracking system dealers in Kolkata, and enjoy the benefits of being in safe hands.

GPS from one of the best AIS 140 certified devices dealers in Kolkata

TraxSmart, being one of the most trusted fleet management software companies in Kolkata, assures you of getting rid of the confusing and misleading exchanges between the fleet drivers and fleet managers. Most of the times, it gets difficult for the fleet drivers and fleet managers to trust one another when it comes to inquiring about unplanned stopover, additional expenditure, and damages due to over-speeding. This is where a GPS vehicle tracking system in Kolkata into play. It allows you to monitor your fleet 24X7. It not only tells you the location of your vehicle, but the distance traveled by the cars/trucks, fuel consumption, the total duration of travel, and other related expenses.

Increased productivity means great ROI

Many studies have revealed that incorporating GPS in your company’s vehicles add to the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the fleet. GPS tracking for trucks in Kolkata and other parts of the country helps in the reduction of downtime while improving the response time and ensuring the timely delivery of the consignments. It also makes the task allotment easy and hassle-free. As you can easily check-out the real-time location of the nearest vehicle, task-allotment becomes quick and manageable. Therefore, you should get in touch with us right away. We are one of the best fleet management software companies in Kolkata that offers affordable GPS solutions.

Manage a world of vehicles and assets cost-effectively

GPS Solutions are scalable and versatile. So, irrespective of the size and type of your fleet, they can successfully perform it while delivering positive results. Also, no matter if you have a convoy of 10 cars or thousands of vehicles and consignments to deliver, with TraxSmart you can manage it cost-effectively without wasting your precious time and resources. Plus, we serve a wide range of industries including schools. Our school bus GPS tracking system Kolkata comes loaded with useful features.


Track and manage

If you have a logistics business, then tracking the assets is as crucial as keeping a track on the geolocation of your vehicles. With the help of our IoT sensors and gadgets connected to every movable and immovable asset of yours, you can keep being vigilant about it. Also, our GPS tracker for car in Kolkata and other parts of India are AIS 140 certified. Also, we are the best AIS 140 certified devices dealers in Kolkata .


Gauge your fleet behavior

It’s not possible for fleet managers to recruit a watchdog for every vehicle. But then, the behavior of the fleet drivers is one of the main concerns for a company. With TraxSmart, one of the most trusted AIS 140 certified devices dealers in Kolkata, you can effortlessly keep an eye on the driver’s behavior for instances like hand braking, rash driving, over speeding, talking over phone while driving or aggressive driving.


This is where Big Data clicks

The information collected from a large convoy of vehicles can be immense. However, with GPS tracking for trucks in Kolkata, you can extract the relevant data, analyze it, and generate detailed reports about the performance of the fleet, usage, fuel analytics, distance traveled, and so on. Also, you can also set filters to find any particular information for a distinct team or a singular driver.


Ensure the safety of your kids and loved ones

When you install our app, you also install peace of mind. The reason – you can connect the app with your child’s school bus or a chauffeur driver own car to see the whereabouts of your child and loved ones. Whether you have installed a GPS tracker for car in Kolkata or any part of India, you’ll always be connected. You can also go for a school bus GPS tracking system Kolkata for the complete safety of your child.

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